My Covert Sufism

Love is not in questions. Love is within Love.
Sufis have found God within themselves. What would they need Paradise for?
The Radiant Path is imperishable.
Sufis are predestined to become Wise: that is their blessed, hard and Radiant Path.
The Radiant Love in Sufi – this is the Life-Creating Bread.
Humans listen. Sufi hears. That which hears is radiant.
Sufis hear the Secret Reality: this Reality is like their own Home.
Listening is like death to the one who cannot hear; whereas those who have heard emanate sweet fragrance: they enlighten their own Path.
The Radiant Path goes towards the Ancient Wisdom.
The Radiant Path is beyond the downfall called “world”.
The Radiant Path is a narrow, difficult, hard personal Path.
Knowledge and Radiance are different trees, different paths.
Radiant people have Wise Deep Calm within themselves.
To be knowledgeable, to have plenty of knowledge – this is the dark path. The Wise, the Radiant Ones are transformed: this is another dimension.
People having much knowledge are heavy, burdened. The Wise are wondrous, unburdened lightness.
The Radiant Path never comes from knowledge; it comes from being utterly Purified.
Eleazar Harash

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